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La Magra Consulting attends HealthIT Connections Networking Event at NJIT

Sheila La Magra was honored to be invited to attend the recent HealthIT Connections event at NJIT in Newark, NJ.

This energetic conference goal was to promote discussion and networking among emerging companies in the Healthcare IT industry segment, along with introductions to the NJII

February 14th, 2018|Marketing, Press Center|

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Diwali, Happy Kwanzaa…

December is a time for family, gifts, lights, hope, and holidays.  Seven of the major religions of the world celebrate a holiday this month.  It can also be a time for looking back on our accomplishments and our plans for the upcoming year.  Especially at the Jersey

December 21st, 2017|Press Center|

Good pointers for how to start designing a project…

From time to time, we all need some outside ideas.  Check out this article from Shutterstock about how to get started on a new design project.

My favorite though is to present and wait for revision.

Revisions are always tough but that’s when the best ideas

December 8th, 2017|Press Center|

Enjoy Halloween!

Today is one of my favorite holidays (and not just because it is my birthday) but it’s a time of fun, friendship and chocolate! On this day, kids have little stress except how quickly to get from one house to the other to get

October 31st, 2017|Press Center|

Are you scared of social media?

Happy Halloween!

Is this a scary time for your business? Does your social media have you “shaking in your boots”?

Every business needs a plan, if you have a plan and you achieve only 50% of that plan – then you are that much farther ahead.


October 17th, 2017|Press Center|

Nicole Feliciano – Women Entrepreneurs Rock

Nicole Feliciano is the Founder and CEO of Momtrends Media / Author of Mom Boss

Mom Trends started out as a small, personal fashion blog. Now it is a serious media entity promoting “trends and tips for living a fashionable life”! Nicole was really straight

August 3rd, 2017|Press Center|

La Magra Consulting attends the New Jersey Digital Marketing Conference

Presented by SEM Geeks and hosted at the Beach Haus Brewery, this one day event called the “New Jersey Digital Marketing Conference” #NJDMC was a blast! Fun to be right at home here in Belmar, NJ with some of the brightest talent at the beach,

July 6th, 2017|Press Center|

Tracey L. Wolfman – Women Entrepreneurs Rock Event

Tracey L. Wolfman is CEO of We Care Adult Care

Adult Day Care – seems like something odd. Until you need it. I have had the experience of caring for my elderly mother-in-law. She is a fantastic woman, but working full-time myself did not allow

July 6th, 2017|Press Center|

Maria Popo – Women Entrepreneurs Rock Event

As Founder of Non Profit AMP10x / President of Ubee Interactive Maria Popo was so interesting to listen to.

The way she carried herself, the way she spoke and was so corporately polished was impressive. Even more impressive was the way she was willing to

July 6th, 2017|Press Center|

Holly Migliaccio of Rook Coffee – Women Entrepreneurs Rock Event

While I am not a fan of coffee, I AM now a fan of Holly Migliaccio. She started at, and was then acquired by Yahoo. She left that job and then traveled (something we all think we had the guts to do at

March 28th, 2017|Press Center|