While I am not a fan of coffee, I AM now a fan of Holly Migliaccio. She started at, and was then acquired by Yahoo. She left that job and then traveled (something we all think we had the guts to do at one time or another) and then while visiting a friend – they decided to start a coffee shop. The word “rook” seems mysterious, and yet, they were going to open in Brooklyn (they did NOT) and rook was in the middle of the word Brooklyn! Good story. So they came to Monmouth County, NJ to open Rook Coffee.

They now have 10 locations in 6 years! Not bad for a local girl. Her first location taught her some tough lessons – and that seemed to be a theme. Something is always going to happen, and you have to be ready to learn from what is before you. Her question of “Is there really a work / life balance” at the Women Entrepreneurs Rock Event was so interesting.

Every panelist answered it differently, but the theme was the same. Sometimes you have to disconnect to have a life, so when you reconnect you are yourself again and ready for work. Great advice…