From the time we get our first car, we are taught to keep up with car maintenance.  We are reminded by our car dealership or mom/dad to get an oil change every 3,000 miles.  We know to change the tires and the battery periodically to keep the car running safely.

But what about your company website?  When was the last time you did maintenance on your small business site?  What’s more, when is the last time you did backend maintenance on your webpage?  Just like your car, your company site needs regularly scheduled maintenance.  There are several reasons to perform website maintenance.

Any “open source” website CMS (Content Management System) such as Word Press is going to have updates and security patches from time to time.  If you use any “plug ins”, they will have the same kind of upgrades.  If you don’t take care of them when they happen, the result could be downtime, frustration and greater costs.

You can have decreased performance, such as a slower load time.  Any of these issues can affect your user’s experience, which leads to frustration on your site, which can adversely effect your business.

Here are our three favorite reasons for regular website maintenance:

  1. Security
  2. Performance
  3. Customer Experience


At La Magra Consutling, we recommend a pre-emptive, monthly website maintenance program to check and update website core features, security patches, and all plugins.  We’d be happy to help you sort out what kind of maintenance program your site needs or to help plan your long term maintenance plan.

We are also here to help you with issues that arise when you don’t have a maintenance plan  (but just like at the mechanic’s shop, that cost may be higher when it is not maintained sufficiently).

Contact La Magra Consulting to discuss your website maintenance.