La Magra Consulting - one day soon, back to normal

I’ve gotten my vaccine, my son is back in school five half-days a week, my husband is working from home but he has been doing that for years, I have seen some friends and my clients want to hold in person meetings again… so is back to normal possible? I’m not really sure.

I miss everyone and everything social, but am still reluctant to run out and be with just anyone I don’t know. What will normal be for our children? I now buy everything on line, my family does everything online, we have not flown in over a year.

But will it ever be the same? No, I don’t think so. But I do think it could be better but maybe different. I want to enjoy my work, enjoy my time, enjoy my client’s success and make the best of each day, since we just never know anymore what tomorrow will bring.

Cheers to today and hopes for tomorrow. Normal, maybe not, but I am still here so that’s a great sign.