In this time of COVID (and the other craziness of 2020), we have quarantined ourselves from one another for health and safety reasons.  And in this time, we have come to see that it truly does take a village to raise a child, even if that village is connected virtually.  Our children will not be successful without their village working together for their benefit.  Their village, which consists of parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, teachers, administrators, guardians, tutors, pods – even the local sports facility — need to come together, socially distanced or online, to help our children begin a school year like no other.

As a local business owner during this unprecedented incident in our country’s history, I am proud to be part of a community that is coming together for the sake of our children, our future. Kudos to Danny Pepe, owner of GoodSports for reaching out a helping hand to our working parents and schools while also being an innovative business owner to establish a program that helps the kids and keeps his business afloat! We all have to evolve to be able to survive in this “new normal”.

GoodSports, located right here in Wall Township, is offering a Supervised Learning Camp for virtual learning, support, and organized play.  They will provide quiet learning rooms and times for students to complete their assignments along with 10 acres of outdoor activities, arts & crafts, and indoor play areas.  Both learning and playing will be supervised by staff experienced with working with children and in a clean and safe environment.  Temperatures will be checked daily upon arrival and there will be no sharing of devices to decrease exposure to germs.  In addition, routine daily cleaning, regular disinfecting, and sanitizing of the facility make this a great childcare alternative for parents.

For more information about schedules and offerings or to register, go to: