Change happens every day.  We should embrace it – instead of fearing it.  The unknown can hold many gems!

When I started my business career out of college years ago, I was not sure where I would end up.  But I knew having my own identity was a priority.  Being a Douglass College Alumnae, I was honored to be on a Plenary Panel for Mentor-ship a few years ago.  I did not realize when asked, that I would be one of the “senior” members of the panel, but it was an invigorating experience to discuss college and careers with a fantastic, energetic group of young women.  I love being around young people who are still finding their way in the work world!

Always envisioning myself as a “career woman” I had concentrated on that part of my life, for most of my early days in the corporate world.  I changed employers, started my own business, developed a new product line with a client and subsequently sold that, and still remained partners with my lifelong best friend Kathy at Excelerated Performance, LLC / EP Connects.  I got married, then got divorced.  I saw my mother through a  major illness and lost her.  Bought my first house as a single woman.  Celebrated that with my first dog – he was named John.

Not sure if I would ever have my own family, I have always enjoyed working with my clients and colleagues.  I was blessed later in life to have a husband and son.  Changing my priorities has been a key but slow process for this career woman.  My husband John and son Joe are now the reason I work.  But with this – comes more change.  Just as the sun comes up to a beautiful new day, and then the sun sets – we have to change to keep going forward.

I continue to commute into NYC to service my fantastic clients through my work at Excelerated Performance, LLC / EP Connects but have now ADDED a NEW venture to my busy mix.  By engaging more business down the Jersey Shore, I can work more closely to home and be able to adapt my schedule to my client’s needs as well as my family’s.   I work with other agencies as a consultant / project manager and I will work directly with new clients in this area.

The only constant is change – and change keeps us young!  So if you are looking for a business / marketing consultant that has your goals for change in mind – or just want to chat – let’s get together!